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March Newsletter

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Hello Hive Community,

Have you been finding it hard to sit down and get work done with this beautiful weather? Me too!! So our March news is coming at y’a a few days after the beginning of the month-:)

Let me start by saying thank you for all the birthday wishes and everyone that came out to celebrate with the sing-along flow. It was a blast! I am one lucky gal to have all of you!! 50 feels great. Say congratulations to our Hive Challenge Winners Callie Kamada and Jenni Burchfield. Both women completed the challenge (we decided to choose two instead of just one) and are now enjoying upgraded mats and class cards to use or share with a pal. We like offering these challenges from time to time as a way to promote positive routines and a consistent practice while enjoying the possibility of a free gift. Not a bad idea, huh? Yoga works best when done regularly and who doesn't like a freebie?! Review our schedule as some of our class times are on the move and we have added a few new classes. We are always aiming to live in balance with the seasons, so you can look to consistently find schedule changes as we change from one season to the next. Help us welcome Kathy Koher, to The Hive teaching family. Kathy brings yet another offering to our community with Astanga Yoga and a Mysore program. All our early birds we’ve now got you covered! Kathy is a seasoned and dedicated teacher as well as a wellness coach. You can read more about her here. Come take one of her classes soon. Find relief from stress, anxiety, injury, troubled sleep,and trauma with our Hive Restore class offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:15p.m. Restorative Yoga is designed to promote deep relaxation and healing. We highly encourage everyone to check out this class as a way to recover from anything and everything. Bring a friend for free (stop by the front desk for a guest pass). Enjoy a yearly unlimited virtual membership for $600. This is a great savings and allows you to pay once and be done. You can literally live stream a class with us from anywhere! With the new Apple policies taking 30% from all digital content sold through apps, we are no longer able to offer class cards to be used for virtual classes. If you enjoy taking virtual classes please consider purchasing a yearly or monthly virtual membership or virtual drop-in. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Monthly unlimited members and those with annual memberships will be sent a promo code in the days ahead to use should you decide to attend a virtual class. Visit our website for an update regarding mask wearing, cancellation, and no show policies. Pre-registing for class helps us better prepare for a stellar experience. Book your classes in advance and think about them just like you do every other important appointment; your mind and your body will thank you! Check out these great ways to grow your practice and enjoy special experiences: Join Hannah for a Mini Day Retreat March 19th at The Yoga Hive 2-6pm to mark the Spring Equinox. You will experience a heart-opening flow + yin yoga practice, guided meditation, playful expressive arts, optional sharing, and journaling. Warm nourishing drinks, snacks, and art supplies will be provided. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience with lots of laughter and light. Register today as there are just a few places left. Find GabrielNelson hosting a Spring Equinox Sound Journey celebrating the return of light on the harmonious waves of sound. The journey begins with calling in the Spirit of the directions as we create a healing space. Next is a group tuning fork treatment to remove blocks and patterns that interfere with our ability to manifest, which is followed by a sound bath. Join us for this special daytime event sure to leave you feeling good. Come with me on a Spring retreat. A few days away can do a world of good. We will be heading to the beautiful Elohee Resort April 1st-3rd for a retreat in the North Georgia Mountains, just a short car ride away. Elohee is the perfect place to greet the changing of the seasons and leave it all behind. Think no cooking, no cleaning and lots of self-care!! Click on the link for more details and registration Refresh + Renew . There are only 2 spots remaining. GabrielNelson will also be joining us for some sound therapy. Follow me on an adventure “Unplug+Retreat '' to Xinalani , located near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico September 17th-21st. We had the most amazing time last year. Xinalani is magical and a real oasis providing the perfect place to unwind. We like keeping our retreats intimate so space is limited. Send us an email for complete details on pricing and to secure your spot: Stay tuned for more events, experiences, and workshops in the months ahead. Know that we are extremely grateful for you, and the opportunity to support you to find more peace in your hearts, minds, and bodies. We are here for you because You Belong Here. Much Love, Rebecca and The Hive Teaching Family

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