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Hive Owner and Yoga Teacher


Yoga has been a part of my life for over two decades now. I wandered into my first yoga class in the summer of 2000 and there was just something about it that made me feel good and that is still the case today, even after all these years. Being able to share the practice means everything.


After completing a 200-hour YTT certification in 2004 I began teaching straight away. Teaching and practicing have remained a constant in my life ever since. Each year has offered me the ability to learn more and give more which has also included training new teachers. In 2020 I updated my teaching credentials and completed another training to add a 500 hour advanced certification.   


We often hear that the practice of Yoga is meant to meet us where we are and I certainly find that to be true.The thing is to just show up or unroll your mat and see what happens. 


From my classes you can expect to find an uplifting message woven into the overall format. I enjoy teaching all levels and am comfortable guiding students though a rewarding and sustainable practice. Laughter is a big part of my teaching and I use it often to help create a lighthearted and playful atmosphere. 


The Yoga Hive opened to share yoga and all that it does for us. It is delightful to have the opportunity to create a community based on well-being and acceptance. Come be a part of The Hive because life is complicated enough and yoga doesn't have to be. You Belong Here.


Kathy Koher


Yoga Teacher +  Studio Manager

Kathy began practicing yoga in March of 2002. She came to yoga because of an ankle injury that led to some severe back problems. Her friends kept telling her yoga would heal what ailed her. Kathy fell in love with Ashtanga after her first practice. Having been an athlete her whole life, she was initially drawn to the physical aspect of yoga. Over time, she realized that there was so much more to this practice than the physical. There was this indescribable lightness she felt after practice; this was her introduction to the spiritual side of yoga which also led her to also develop a daily meditation and pranayama practice. She found what she didn't even know she was looking for. Yoga is a lifelong process.


Each day Kathy rolls out her mat she does her best with whatever she has to offer that day. She has learned over the years to practice acceptance with the ups and downs both on and off her mat. Growth is a constant, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, as long as she remains open to it. Kathy hopes as a teacher she can pass on the same joy and peace she has found in her practice. She also hopes to show people that with a daily commitment to yourself and the practice, the possibilities are endless.

Kathy is also a health and wellness coach. She helps busy people create sustainable habits so they can stress less, find more energy, and make their health a priority without feeling guilty or selfish. Kathy Koher Wellness



Chelsea Blackstock


Yoga Teacher

Chelsea Blackstock discovered yoga in college after many injuries, both physically and mentally. Coming back to her mat time and time again, she found that she was able to heal both her body and her soul during times of hard transition. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in 2017.


She strives to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible and believes that moving your body can help you find bliss. When she’s not teaching or practicing, Chelsea spends her time working in social and digital marketing, and takes every opportunity to enjoy a good cup of coffee, snuggle with her pup, or read a good book.


Shafali Gupta Joshi


Yoga Teacher

Shortly after discovering yoga, I realized how amazing I felt from each class, I then wanted to learn more. This led me to register for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, which I completed with Yogaworks in 2018. I am also certified to teach kids yoga from KAY (Kidding Around Yoga).


I teach so that we can learn to hold space for all of our feelings and to LOVE ourselves, just the way we are. Yoga practice helps me to connect with people and brings me closer to my vision, which is to engage with community and help people to heal physically and mentally.


I truly believe that the success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures, but in how it positively changes our relationships the way we live our lives.



Susan Duffell


Yoga Teacher

Susan was born and raised in the Lakeside District of the Atlanta Metro area. She began dancing at an early age in a studio just around the corner from The Yoga Hive at Toco Hill. It was a natural progression for her to start practicing yoga in her mid-twenties; although, she did not have a consistent practice until 2016 when she discovered that yoga is so much more than the physical postures (asanas). 


Susan developed an interest in teaching yoga during her work as a psychotherapist at an outpatient addiction treatment facility. She wanted to be able to offer patients a somatic form of therapy along with traditional psychotherapy. Susan first became certified in Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) in 2016. Shortly thereafter, in 2017, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification in Integrative Flow. In 2018, after being inspired during a Yin Yoga class, Susan became certified in Yin Yoga began her journey toward her 300-hour certification with Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. Susan completed this in 2020, thereby reaching her 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification.


By integrating her caring and compassionate nature with her attention to alignment and the body in space, Susan welcomes the beginning student and those wishing to refine their practice. She teaches from an attitude of lightheartedness and spontaneity – as each one of us changes from moment to moment, so too will the flow in each of her classes. With a strong belief in the healing nature of yoga, Susan guides students to believe in and trust themselves. She encourages students to try new things without judgement and to laugh while doing so. When not teaching, you will most likely see Susan in a yoga class as she has experienced the value of daily practice in her own life, both physically, spiritually, and therapeutically.



Rebekah Gilliam


Pilates Teacher

Rebekah is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Psychology and an Ed.S in Counseling. She is currently an elementary school counselor by day and Pilates instructor by night/weekend. She studied ballet for 15 years and became a certified group exercise instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America during college.


After recurring lower back pain finally became unbearable, Rebekah sought out physical therapy, which happened to incorporate STOTT PILATES exercises. She loved the attention to detail and the results she got from this approach--being able to move again and live life without chronic pain was priceless! Rebekah was inspired to do her STOTT PILATES training in mat and reformer so that she could teach the approach to people of all abilities, whether they are brand new to Pilates or have been doing it for years. 


Rebekah loves teaching and brings humor, laughter, and empathy to her clients and classes. You will have fun while feeling encouraged and empowered in your body. Many clients keep returning for her vivid imagery, varied exercises, and her supportive personality...and maybe a few jazz hands thrown in for good measure!

Sarah Soltan Headshot.png

Sarah Soltan


Team Member

Sarah started practicing yoga at the age of eighteen, and since then, her practice has evolved into something she relies on daily. From quelling aches as a result of sitting at her desk or calming the mental storms, yoga has given her the gift of a peace and spirituality that she didn't expect to discover when she started.

She received her second 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2019 and loves Yin yoga for its focus on the mind-body connection along with the slowness it allows for in a world that is in high-gear almost 24/7. Sarah draws on her love of nature and yogic philosophies when teaching and practicing, and she loves to infuse her yoga with music and themes from all over the world that celebrate different cultures, approaches to life, and her own Arabic heritage. Though Sarah is not currently teaching classes, she tends to our website and you can find her around the studio nurturing her practice on her mat with us.

Outside of yoga, Sarah is a lifelong gamer and artist. She has her degree in game development from SCAD and dreams of contributing her art to a game that will inspire and promote the healing of others and the earth.


Jasmine Bradfield_edited_edited.jpg

Jasmine Bradfield


Yoga Teacher

I am a certified yoga instructor, doula, and student midwife. Influenced by my teachers, students, and environment, for the last decade, I have dedicated my lifestyle to yoga and birthwork. I aim to guide others through their own. I bring my eclectic style to the traditional benefits of meditation, asana, and pranayama to the rhythm of hypnotic beats.


megan nare_edited_edited.jpg

Megan Nare


Yoga Teacher

When I went to my first yoga class, I was looking for a way to stop being at war with my body. Years of being stuck in survival mode had left me with the experience of constant chronic pain and emotional stress, frequent episodes of disassociation and poor memory, and an inability to connect meaningfully in social settings (not to mention a short, Italian temper).  


It was not instant and it was not always easy or comfortable, but as I showed up for myself on the mat, I began to notice changes over time. My weekly yoga practice became a gateway to remembering what it is like to be more at ease and at peace with myself. I saw small glimpses of being more at home within my body. The physical postures, breath work, and mindfulness practices have taught me how to be more present and attuned to my emotional and physical needs, as well as more accepting of myself.


I see practice as a place to turn wounds into wisdom through exploring a brave and informed relationship with sensation and boundary. I approach teaching with a background in trauma-informed care, working with neurodiverse populations, and accessible practices for the aging body.


Over the past 13 years, I have fully dedicated myself to exploring the healing potential of yoga both as a student and a teacher. As a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider at the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500-hour level (E-RYT 500), I have a passion for alignment based hatha yoga, restorative and Yin, and making every class work for every body.



Michaela Osehobo


Yoga Teacher

Hello there! My name is Michaela Osehobo. I am a Mental Health Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. I focus on the mind-body connection, as it is not uncommon to see psychological stress manifest physically. The practice of yoga is not only physical; it helps us turn inwards to understand the self in new ways. I practice and teach yoga as an additional tool for self-care and to navigate the process of recovery from life’s stressors. I utilize vinyasa, gentle, and restorative yoga modalities, alongside person-centered, strengths-based, and cognitive-behavioral therapy modalities in my mental health practice to help my clients discover their inner truth and become the best version of themselves.


Sabrina Isdell

Sabrina Isdell


Yoga Teacher

As a high school biology teacher, I first discovered yoga in 2008 looking for a way to de-stress and relax from the work day. Yoga taught me how to calm my mind through the power of the breath. Practicing the asanas with proper body alignment gave me strength and flexibility that I had never experienced before in any other movement-based practice. Regular yoga practice became my outlet for not only settling my mind and strengthening my body, but spiritually I felt lighter and more comfortable in my own skin. This body awareness opened the door to being more self-aware which has had a positive impact on how I interact and connect with other people. The more I practice, the more I am able to translate these lessons off the mat, allowing me to be more open-minded and grounded, more receptive and patient, and grateful for the gift of life experience.


As a yoga teacher, I will uphold the honor and respect for the excellent teachers I have had in the past as well as the teachings found in ancient yoga texts through the eight limbs. I promise to teach with honesty and integrity and guide my students safely on their own journey. My first teacher told me that if you can breathe, then you can practice yoga. I am compassionate about respecting and meeting my students where they are and in each of my classes I will invite students to use the practice as a way to investigate their body and mind with a main focus on the breath in a light-hearted way. Each time my students step on their mats, I will hold space for their self discovery and self-acceptance so that they can find peace within themselves. As a teacher this is one of the most beautiful reasons why I enjoy sharing this ancient art with my students.

I obtained my RYT200 yoga teacher certification in 2014 from Emme Yoga in Stockbridge, GA where I taught alignment-focused Hatha yoga and flow classes. From 2016-2020, I practiced the Ashtanga yoga method under the direction of Marsha McNeight and Kathy Koher and subsequently completed a second RYT200 yoga teacher certification in the Ashtanga method from Balance Yoga in 2019. From 2016-2022, I taught vinyasa flow and heated flow classes at Southern Lotus yoga in McDonough, GA.


My current yoga practice consists of a power flow heated vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, and chanting of the Yoga Sutras. I enjoy teaching students who are new to the practice and I also enjoy teaching students who want to learn vinyasa flow or are curious about vinyasa flow classes. Off the mat, you might find me at a music concert with my husband, camping or hiking, baking sweet vegan treats, or collecting vinyl records. I have a true passion for learning and consider myself a lifelong student. As a teacher by profession, I get super excited to share new things that I have discovered and I am elated and honored to be able to share the gift of yoga with my future students.


Katie Davis_edited.jpg

Katie Davis


Yoga Teacher + Pilates Teacher 

As a licensed and certified athletic trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Katie has worked in D1 collegiate athletics since 2008, preventing athletes from injury and rehabbing them back on to the field. When her own weight lifting routine caused a back injury, Katie found yoga not only strengthened her core and increased her flexibility, but taught her the power of breath work and kept her coming back. 


Katie completed her RYT200 in the fall of 2019 at YogaPod in Gainesville, FL. She used her knowledge of yoga to continue growing as an athletic trainer by bringing new insights into rehab for her athletes. Her classes focus on body alignment and conscious transitions from one pose to the next. She has experience teaching power, vinyasa, and hot-style yoga as well as dynamic Pilates-style classes. 


Naomie Gutekunst_edited.png

Naomie Gutekunst


Yoga Teacher 

Naomie is a 200 HR YTT Atlanta native teaching vinyasa, yin, and prenatal yoga. In addition, Naomie is Reiki 1 attuned and is training to become a certified birth and post partum doula. 


She found yoga in a time when she needed a lot of healing after spending more than half her life as a competitive swimmer. Her yoga practice brought her in touch with her divine feminine (something she realized she was very removed from as an athlete). It taught her how to slow down and be introspective. As she heals everyday she is able to align more with her true spiritual self.


Naomie’s personal practice and teaching is strongly influenced by Rocket, Tantra Yoga, and flexibility training. She uses creative sequencing and music in her class to help her students come into their bodies and focus on the present moment. Before teaching yoga, Naomie was a middle school science teacher in Los Angeles. 


HRbackyard 14_edited_edited.jpg

Hannah-Rose Broom


Yoga Teacher 

With over 10 years of teaching, Hannah-Rose's certifications include: 200hr E-RYT Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow, 95hr Grounded Children’s Yoga, and 90hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy. She is a seeker and enthusiastic learner and a dynamic and adaptable instructor with a diverse teaching experience. She has taught yoga in studios, in Atlanta and Dekalb public schools, for trained college athletes, and has led therapeutic yoga & art workshops for teens. Regardless of age, ability, or familiarity with yoga, she has a class for you! Mindful movement matters. Hannah-Rose will kindly challenge her students but will always follow their body’s lead. Her goal is to help you build a deeper relationship with your body, experience increased range of motion, and develop consistency. In her classes you will build strength for empowerment, increase mobility for flexibility of mind, and take deep breaths for grounding and expansion.


LW Photo.jpg

Liudmila Wilhelm


Yoga Teacher + Pilates Instructor

I discovered yoga in early childhood, and it remained near and dear to my heart, even though I have not practiced it seriously for many years. It came into my life not from a studio (they did not exist at that time where I grew up), not from a TV screen or a YouTube channel, but from a book I found in my dad’s library. Lotus pose became my favorite TV-watching or self-reflection position and a wheel was a fun way to stretch after sitting down. However, it was not until many years later when the whirlwind of life somewhat settled down to allow me more time for myself that I was able to join a studio and discover how much more yoga can bring into one’s life. 
At that point I knew that I needed to share this transformative experience with others and help them with their journey of self-discovery. I finished my YTT 200 in August 2022 and began teaching vinyasa power flow right away. There isn’t a type of yoga that I do not like, and I really enjoy teaching different variations of vinyasa flow from beginner to advanced. Thus, adding pilates to my training repertoire felt natural and empowering. While different in intensity and origins, both pilates and yoga bring out the best in me in their own ways. 
My inspiration for classes comes from studying yoga philosophy, anatomical sequencing, and rules of alignment. My classes are focused on compassion, inclusion, and empowerment to discover the balance of body and mind and find internal harmony.



Jabria Parker


Yoga Teacher

During a period of profound healing and self-reconnection, I, like many, discovered the profound solace and transformative power of yoga. Through this sacred practice, I uncovered a deep union of mind, body, and spirit—an unexplored realm of harmony and authenticity. My intention is to extend this knowledge to fellow seekers on their personal journeys of self-discovery, through the power of music, asanas, mindfulness, poetry, and insights drawn from my own life experiences.


Yoga became a space of deep healing and introspection with the Divine that inspired me to complete my 200 Yoga Certification in Mal Pais, Costa Rica with the School of Yoga Institute in July of 2023, igniting a fire within me to share this transformative journey with others.



GabrielNelson Sears


Sound Therapist + Meditation Teacher

GabrielNelson Sears is a certified vibrational sound healing touch therapist, motivational speaker, and meditation instructor who provides sound therapy Reiki treatments with tuning forks and Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls placed directly on the body.


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