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Welcome home to The Yoga Hive,



We offer you a quality Yoga and Pilates experience. Our studio is founded on nurturing community, promoting well-being, and advocating for inclusion. We maintain a full schedule of daily classes, offer weekend workshops, travel to distant retreat locations, and host special events. We represent every body shape, life stage, and ability level: We are For Everyday People. We are also a not heated studio.

Here, you will find classes centered on breath coupled with movement while maintaining stability and alignment to lengthen and strengthen you from the inside out. Because Yoga and Pilates are not one-size-fits-all, we aim to guide you toward developing a sustainable practice. 

All of our teachers at The Yoga Hive have knowledge, experience, and the ability to share it with you in a safe, supportive, and playful manner. 


The Yoga Hive is a fresh and inviting oasis designed to enhance your routine and offer respite from the outside world. Inside, we maintain a moderate ambient temperature (76°-82°), which is beneficial for stretching and detoxifying the body safely. We are located in the popular & newly-renovated Toco Hills Shopping Plaza, which is easily accessible and offers ample parking. We serve the surrounding neighborhoods of Toco Hills, North Druid Hills, Emory, Decatur, Brookhaven, Morningside, Lindridge-Martin Manor, and beyond because all roads lead to us. 


Holistic side effects from a consistent movement practice include increased flexibility, more profound relaxation, more muscle tone and strength, cardio and circulatory health, deeper respiration, better posture, improved energy and vitality, and an elevated spirit, which can induce feelings of winning in the game of life. You are always just one class away from a better mood!!

We look forward to seeing you on the mat because You Belong Here!

Please review our studio etiquette and policies for additional information.  


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