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Partner Prenatal Yoga

September 24th, 12:30pm - 2pm

Partner Prenatal Yoga is a fun practice of yoga postures done in physical contact with your partner. Couples experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. The practice helps develop a strong mind, body, baby connection both on the mat and afterwards.
Topics covered include:
Partner Roles
Stages of Labor
Self Advocacy
Birth Positions
Massage Techniques

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Postpartum Restore

November 19th, 12:30pm - 2pm

It is recommended for yoga to begin 6 weeks after birth. This workshop will focus on Restorative Yoga for postpartum bodies and will include a guest visit from a pelvic floor therapist to chat about rest and restoration of the birthing body during postpartum. 

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Jasmine Bradfield

Breastfeeding 101

December 17th, 12:30pm - 2pm

Breastfeeding class for new mothers and mothers to be. Topics covered include:
Feeding Cues
Feeding Schedule
Milk Production

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