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Prenatal Yoga
with Jasmine Bradfield

Starts June 23rd for a 6 week series, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Join Jasmine, a traditional midwife, doula, and women's wellness specialist, for a nurturing and empowering Prenatal Yoga class at The Yoga Hive in Atlanta.

This specialized prenatal yoga class offered as a series is thoughtfully designed to support expectant mothers on their journey to motherhood.

Through a combination of gentle yoga postures, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques, you'll discover the strength, flexibility, and inner calm needed for a healthy and confident pregnancy and childbirth.

Special pricing applies as this is a series, not a regularly scheduled class. Class cards, memberships, and the intro offer cannot be used to pay for this series.

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Baby n' Me Yoga
with Jasmine Bradfield

Discover the joy of bonding with your little one while nurturing your own well-being in our Baby n' Me Yoga class. This unique and heartwarming class, designed for both parents (or caregivers) and their babies, combines gentle yoga exercises with interactive play and relaxation techniques. Led by experienced Birthworker and Women's Wellness Specialist, Jasmine, this class offers a nurturing space for you and your baby to explore movement, strengthen your connection, and find balance in the early stages of parenthood.

Postpartum Yoga
with Jasmine Bradfield

Congratulations on your journey into motherhood! Our Postpartum Yoga class, led by Jasmine of Atlanta Birthwork, provides you with a nurturing and supportive space as you navigate the beautiful challenges and transformations of postpartum life. This class is specially designed for our previous prenatal yoga students, offering a safe and healing environment for new mothers (without their babies) to embark on a journey of physical and emotional recovery and connect with a community of like-minded mothers.

Class Highlights:

Expert Guidance: Led by Jasmine, a trusted traditional midwife, doula, and women's wellness specialist, this class incorporates pelvic floor therapist-approved yoga sequences and postpartum-specific practices to help you regain strength and vitality after childbirth.

Holistic Healing: Experience a comprehensive approach to postpartum recovery that addresses physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our yoga sequences focus on pelvic floor health, core restoration, and relaxation techniques to support your body's natural healing process.

Mommy Meet-Up Group: Connect with fellow new mothers who have shared similar experiences during their prenatal journey. Share stories, exchange advice, and build lasting friendships in a nurturing and understanding community.

Self-Care and Restoration: Prioritize self-care and self-compassion as you embark on your postpartum journey. Nurture your body and mind through gentle yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness practices that promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Transitional Support: We understand that the transition to motherhood can be both beautiful and challenging. Our class provides ongoing support as you navigate this transformative period, offering a safe space for questions, sharing, and growth.

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Mommy n' Me Yoga
with Jasmine Bradfield

This special pop-up class is designed for moms and their toddlers to come together and practice yoga fun and playfully. Led by our expert teacher, Jasmine, you and your little one will move, breathe, and bond together on the mat.

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Partner Prenatal Yoga
with Jasmine Bradfield

Partner Prenatal Yoga is a fun practice of yoga postures done in physical contact with your partner. Couples experience a more profound sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. The practice helps develop a strong mind, body, and baby connection both on the mat and afterward.

Partner Roles
Stages of Labor
Self Advocacy
Birth Positions
Massage Techniques

Key Features of Partner Prenatal Yoga:

Strengthen Your Connection: Deepen your emotional connection as a couple by sharing the experience of pregnancy through yoga, breathwork, and mindful practices. 

Support for Expectant Mothers: Partners learn to provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy and labor through hands-on techniques, massage, and partner-assisted poses. 

Couples Bonding: Enhance your sense of togetherness and intimacy as you prepare for the exciting journey of parenthood together.

Relieve Pregnancy Discomfort: Gentle yoga postures and stretches are designed to alleviate common pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, fatigue, and muscle tension.

Mindful Pregnancy: Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques that promote emotional well-being and reduce stress during pregnancy. 

Educational Insights: Gain insights into the birthing process and techniques that can be helpful during labor and delivery.

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