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To create and maintain a space where all feel welcome and at ease, we ask that you please be mindful and adhere to our studio and community expectations.


​Honor our class times

Please respect your teachers and fellow students' time and arrive before class begins. We know traffic in Atlanta can be a real pain, so make ample space to account for any hiccups in travel plans. This will also give you ample time to set up and not interfere with class starting on time. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before class begins to allow yourself time to get settled.

Water Bottles  

We prefer not to have water bottles on the studio floor. We invite you to hydrate before and after class instead of during for an optimal experience in line with yoga philosophy. Should you need to bring a water bottle, please refrain from bringing a glass one. You and your community members are walking around barefoot, and in case it gets knocked over and breaks, we all know how much broken glass and bare feet don't mix. 


Remove your shoes

Please remove your shoes and stow them away while walking around the studio to ensure a clean and grounding experience. If barefoot doesn't work for you, feel free to wear socks. But this is a no-shoes zone! 

Mobile Devices 

Silence, stow your cell phone, and refrain from using smart watch devices during practice. Cell phones are not permitted in the practice space. Absolutely no filming of the class is allowed. Your practice is an opportunity to unplug, even briefly; use our boundaries to help! Not only is it respectful to your teachers and classmates, but it's also an opportunity to give that respect to yourself.

Safety is the priority

Safety in mind, body, and spirit is paramount to us. Please be mindful of any injuries and limitations and use your practice to let go of expectations or a need to keep up. This is a sacred place to be yourself authentically and fully. Inform your teacher of anything that you feel would help you arrive further to this state of genuineness with yourself and give yourself space to modify and adapt to what your needs are in the moment.


Practice Saucha

Saucha means "purity" or "clearness" and is one of the niyamas stated in the Eight Limbs of Yoga. How does one practice this? Cleanliness is another way of interpretation! Please use our provided cleaning materials to wipe down your mat and any props you borrowed for class. Also, be mindful of general hygiene and go easy on strong deodorants, colognes, and perfumes that others may be sensitive to.

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