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Hive Basics is perfect for the beginner or those who enjoy keeping it simple. You will learn alignment techniques, with the use of props, you will also begin to learn how to flow, which is connecting the postures with movement. This class is suggested for yoga novices, seniors, stiff guys, curvy bodies or anyone needing to gain increased strength and flexibility. Modifications will be taught for those who need them. 


Hive Flow is an all levels vinyasa flow class, offering modifications and advanced concepts alike. We invite you to practice to suit your own needs.


Yoga for a Healthy Back is a gentle, slow class focusing on spinal alignment and releasing tension and stress in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions of the back as well as the shoulders and iliopsoas area. This class is accessible and beneficial for every body type.    


Hive Restorative cultivates the relaxation response in the body. This class is great for those wanting to turn inward to learn how to truly relax in today’s busy world, or those recovering from injury or illness. We use long held postures with supporting props to allow the body to passively open, while accessing the parasympathetic nervous system for deep rest. The class also uses calming pranayama methods, mantras, and (hand) mudras to go within.  All levels are welcome. 

Hive Curvy Yoga isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. We believe that everyone has a yoga body. Our curvy yoga class is designed to be welcoming and inclusive for people of ALL shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, and abilities. This class is designed to be accessible and adaptive. Students will learn techniques for asana modifications and how to use props to further enhance their practice. This body positive class offers a safe, supportive, and non-judging environment to meet and accommodate all students’ needs.


Hive Women's Flow is a “Ladies Only” class that is supportive for all levels. This flow class incorporates breath-work, core-work, relaxation and meditation, practiced in a private, quiet environment for the gentle soul.  

Gender-Neutral Meditative Flow is a safe space for folx of all levels, where awareness, breath and movement complement each other.  We hold the intention of facilitating an internal dialogue between the body and the self. Class will begin with a short centering meditation which will include some breath work, then we will move into holding poses, just long enough to be enjoyable, and end with a short relaxation period followed by a centering meditative closing. 

Hive Yin is a slow, passive practice that primarily targets the hips and spine.  Yin improves mobility and flexibility by facilitating the slow and safe opening of connective tissues, like tendons, ligaments, and fascia with special emphasis on joint health. Combining longer held Yin postures with pranayama (yogic breathing) helps to stimulate the meridian system, releasing energy blockages in the physical and emotional bodies. Yin yoga is a meditative yet revitalizing practice allowing students the opportunity to explore their edges. It is an excellent complement to more active styles of yoga. All levels welcome.