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Hive Basics Stretch is perfect for the beginner or those who enjoy keeping it simple. You will learn alignment techniques, with the use of props,  and begin to learn the basic yoga poses. Deep stretching will be incorporated to help large muscle groups find ease. Breathing techniques will also be covered to help relieve stress.  This class is suggested for yoga novices, seniors, men, curvy bodies or anyone needing to gain increased strength and flexibility. Variations and modifications will be offered to serve ALL levels. No experience is needed to attend and all are welcome. People say we should call this class calm-)

Hive Power Yoga is a rigorous practice aimed at improving your strength and stamina. This is a challenging format designed to elevate your heart rate and advance your practice. While prior yoga experience is not required, it will make this class a more enjoyable experience, as basic poses will not be broken down and advanced poses will be taught. 

Hive Flow is an all levels vinyasa flow class, offering modifications and advanced concepts alike with a fun light hearted approach. We encourage everyone to come as they are and do what they can. 

Hive Flow & Restore is an all levels class which focuses on creating a state of introspection by using breath work and postures. It is designed to allow students to use mindful movement to flow into stillness. Class begins with a steady flow designed to cultivate strength, stability, and energy within the body. The meditation aspect will cultivate clarity of the mind while being fully present with your body and practice. The class will close with a blend of restorative and/or yin postures focused on flexibility and relaxation while settling deeper into stillness.   


Hive Pilates Fusion is a system focused on building your core by stabilizing muscles in the body for better posture and quality of movement. This class incorporates the general principles of traditional Pilates while offering movements to enhance your overall mobility. Small props such as balls, loop bands, or sliders are used to develop strength and stability. We will sit, lie down, and stand for various portions of class. You are sure to leave feeling better than when you came. All are welcome!!


Hive Relax is a class designed to hep you slow down and catch your breathe. Restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation prompts are used to help the body and the mind unwind and deeply relax. Ways to help find better rest and get a good night's sleep are also incorporated. This is s great class for those new to yoga, recovering from injury or illness, as well as a great compliment to more active styles of yoga, or athletic pursuits. 


Hive Ladies Hour This class is a gentle yoga class for women only, focused on relaxation in an uplifting environment. All women can find community here, regardless of age or ability. Mothers to be are welcome and modifications will be given as to support them during pregnancy as well as new moms. Come find a safe and supportive way to care for yourself.


Hive Yoga For Men This class is designed for men to increase overall flexibility and mobility. The focus is to open up your hips and hamstrings, strengthen your core muscles, and stretch to alleviate low back issues.You will learn basic yoga poses with detailed instruction and correct alignment- props will be used to assist you in the process. Breathing techniques will also be taught. Stress relief is a by-product of all of the above. All men are welcome and no yoga experience is needed. 

Hive Yin Yin is a static practice that improves mobility and flexibility. It  facilitates slow and safe movement by opening the bodies connective tissue with a special emphasis on joint health. Yin typically has longer help postures centered around releasing stress and tension resulting in deep relaxation. This style of yoga is an excellent complement to more active styles of yoga or simply all on it's own. It is also a great companion to an active lifestyle or hobbies such as golf, cycling, swimming, and tennis. All levels are welcome and absolutely no yoga experience is necessary. This is a great class format for beginners.


Hive Slow Flow+Jazz This class is designed to help prepare you for the week ahead by combining slow flowing poses, steady breathing, and smooth Jazz music.  The format is gentle and open to everyone. It's perfect for those newer to yoga as well as those who have been practicing for years. You can expect long holds, deep stretches that focus on large muscle groups, and the therapeutic benefits of Jazz music. Research shows that Jazz music stimulates a calming effect on the body. It helps improve verbal ability, focus, memory, and mood. (Offered Sunday at 4:30pm)

Hive Mysore is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Ashtanga is a set sequence of postures. The repetition of postures creates a familiar pattern in your body and helps you commit them to memory. The nature of this class is that it is self led. Instruction, and adjustments are tailored to the individual needs of the practitioner. You do not need to be here at 6am sharp, you may come and go at any time during this class. Beginners please allot for 45 minutes to an hour. This is a transformation practice! Show up for yourself and see what can happen.

Hive Ashtanga Mix is an all levels class. We will be exploring the primary series and the first half of the intermediate series. We will be entering the world of backbends! You are welcome to come and just do the first half of the class and then watch, participate when you want to,  or stop when you are finished. There will be plenty of variations given for some of the deeper backbends. This class will be challenging but fun!

Hive Meditation & Pranayama is an all levels class that begins to explore other limbs of yoga.  We will explore how breathing and meditation can tap directly into your nervous system and give you tools to help steady your mind. While both practices have a wide range of benefits, one of the most practical is they can help you manage stress and anxiety.